Less is More–Fitness Challenge

What comes to mind when you hear the word exercise?? Do you get excited and want to jump and down…then call that your exercise? Do you feel this dread come over you? Do you get tired thinking about it? Do you reach for the chocolates at the mention of it?

The truth is the more we use our body, the more efficient our body becomes and the more energy we will have. You’ve heard “use it or lose it”, well that is true. My all time favorite is “I am running late and am counting that as my exercise today!” Sorry, but that doesn’t cut it.

Having taught and preached exercise for years, I always thought exercise is getting our heart rate up, keeping it up for at least 30 minutes, sweat like a fiend and drop over in total exhaustion. After having children, I was no longer up for that kind of a workout! After that kind of workout, just try to homeschool, cook, clean, take care of babies, ……. Exercise was not going to happen in my house! Exercise became of thing of the past.

A friend shared T-Tapp exercise with me this past summer. I watched it online and decided to give it a try. Afterall, my jeans had shrunk through the hips and waistline as did my skirts, go figure! I calculated I didn’t have anything to lose, besides not having to spend money on buying bigger clothes. I tried the exercises online for about one month before I decided I would commit to exercise 3 times per week. I also figured since I might not have to buy new clothes, I could buy the dvd. I have been exercising consistently since July. I have lost inches and over 10 pounds. This exercise is not like any I have ever done and certainly does not fit into my above description! It’s easy! It is only 15 minutes and most incredibly, it works!

The other day, the same friend that shared T-Tapp with me, shared that she did not want to exercise, but she got up and did the T-Tapp routine because she wanted her girls to see that Mommy, also has to do things that she really does not want to, but does it anyway because it is good for her health. I think that is an excellent lesson for our children who will practice what we do! Ever heard “More is caught than taught”. Here is a link to the T-Tapp website. You can “try before you buy”, which was helpful for me! The last thing I needed was another exercise DVD collecting dust and taking up room on my bookshelf.

It is true that the more we move, the more energy we will have and increased flexibility. The older we get, the less flexible our joints and ligaments become, and the more we start losing bone mass, unless we exercise. The more energy I have, the more I can keep up with my growing children.

I hope this article has been helpful to you. If you decide to try these exercise, please let me know. The link below will take you to the T-Tapp website.

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