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Why do I need a will? What is a will? All about wills

Who Needs a Will?

Anyone 18 years or older needs to have a will. You can create a very simple document for a will, including the most important things to you and what should happen with these items. The document needs to be signed, witnessed and notarized. The original document needs to be stored where it can be found upon your death because a copy does not count as your will.

A few suggestions to ensure the original will is found, you may store a copy of a will in your personal files with an attached note stating where the original will is located.  If an attorney creates your will, he/she will usually hold the original for you, if  asked.   A local bank’s trust department will also hold the original for you.  These services are usually free to you.

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What is a will??

A will is a legal document that tells others, after you’ve passed from this life (die), what you want done with everything related to you!  If you do not make a will, the state (government) steps in and makes these decisions for you.  You might think this is okay, but let’s consider what this means.  Are you really okay trusting the state’s decisions about who will care for your minor children?  Are you really okay with the state deciding what happens to your pet(s)?   Are you sure you trust the state to disperse anything you have in any way they want?   All of this costs you/your surviving loved ones more than if you had a will.

If you have adult children, it can prevent hard feelings over who takes what of your belongings.   If you have minor children, you get to say who cares for them until they reach adulthood.   If you have adult children, you name which child is left specific personal items you own. If you have pets, your will can appoint who cares for them after you’re gone.  If you have property, your will states how you want it divided.

If you are completely alone in this world, you should still have a will! You may want to leave everything to a cause you believe in and this will only happen if you have a will.   I think you get my point. There are many decisions to consider.

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